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Villa Le Sorti, at the gates of the city of Florence!

The first nucleus of the complex of Villa Le Sorti, at the gates of the city of Florence, was built at the end of the 14th century. to be completed around the fifteenth century, at the same time as the walls of Malmantile whose supervision seems to have been entrusted to Filippo Brunelleschi.
Over the centuries the Villa was first a convent and later an aristocratic residence, with an adjoining private chapel, a remnant of the monastic past. Surrounded by 57 hectares of land including a forest with lake and olive groves, Villa Le Sorti is located on the hills of Florence. The toponym of the Villa, “Le Sorti”, derives from an ancient plaque that mentioned: “Deo Iuvante Prosperare Sortes Erunt”, with the help of God the fate will be propitious.
The Villa is in fact located in an excellent strategic position, located along the Maremma road, an ancient transhumance road between the Maremma and the first Apennine reliefs, which made the Villa famous with the name “Le Sorti”. The countryside was infested with bandits, who awaited the precious loads of goods to and from the city.
The definition “Le Sorti” derives from the risk that the merchants incurred in crossing the countryside, since those who reached the Villa, coming from the Maremma, had arrived unharmed as far as the gates of Florence. Due to its historical value, the complex is registered among the buildings of historical interest.


The Villa

We are a beautiful Renaissance Villa with lots of services


For over 15 years Villa Le Sorti has offered the possibility of organizing weddings, ceremonies and events at the property, hosting up to 200 people.


Villa le Sorti
Via del Pollaiolo 21
50055 Lastra a Signa (Fi)

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Recent Events

The Villa and our Events

Each event is unique and Villa Le Sorti offers numerous tailor-made solutions to satisfy your every desire.

we have a veranda to accommodate up to 240 people in a single room

Villa le Sorti has an internal catering service, provided by
Le Cirque Catering Firenze .

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