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Our Event Location

Villa Le Sorti, in the quiet of  secular park, is located in Lastra a Signa 15 km from Florence, on the Florentine hills famous all over the world for their beautiful views. Recently renovated, it has kept intact its characteristics of a Tuscan 
pre-Renaissance property and ancient convent of the fourteenth century, maintaining a splendid combination of the ancient charm of the place and a modern architectural concept.
Villa Le Sorti offers fascinating alternatives for every moment of the event: the aperitif, lunch, dinner, the cake, the open bar and the dance party, can have different solutions and settings.
When organizing a special event, one of the key things is to know that everything has been taken care of down to the smallest detail.
Villa Le Sorti offers you, on request, all the services you need, from the civil ceremony on site, to the Music and entertainment service to the Catering service: we want everything to be perfect for your special day.


The Citrus Garden

The entrance of Villa Le Sorti is the perfect setting to welcome you and your guests to a unique

and unforgettable event, yours. 
Plants of orange, lemon and exotic citrus fruits will inebriate you with their scent and  the circular tank will

catch your eye with its rare Japanese Koi carp.


The Dehors

The 500 sq m terracotta paved courtyard houses the new Dehors  Deluxe, in the centuries-old park in the shade of the majestic Tuscan cypresses. The facade of the Villa is the setting for the new ultra-modern structure with a fully opening roof  that can accommodate up to 230 guests for a moonlight dinner or a dance under the stars. The different lighting scenarios complete the setting, soft lights for a candlelit event or modern colored lights,

amazement for you and your guests is guaranteed.
Each event is unique and special and the 220 square meters of the Dehors will welcome you in an elegant

and exclusive location.


The Secular Park and the Belvedere

The secular park of Villa Le Sorti is ready to welcome your guests, centenary cypresses, a majestic cedar of Lebanon and olive trees will welcome you in a unique setting. The romantic private grove, of nineteenth-century conception, has preserved the charm of a suggestive and romantic setting for centuries. Do not miss the Rondò of Lovers , in the heart of the grove, for a moment of deep intimacy and union.
The Belvedere is also enchanting, perfect for cutting a cake or for romantic sunset photos.


The Aperitifs Area

The aperitif area, inside the secular park, will welcome the guests of the event, 120 square meters paved, covered and illuminated. For a buffet aperitif, a fashion show or a dessert after dinner, the gazebo lends itself to different settings. After the cake it can turn into a large dance area with colored lights near the Open Bar area.


The open bar by the pool

Open Bar with wood-burning oven and visible bbq grill and Lounge Area by the pool complete the centuries-old park, to offer you and your guests always different scenarios and wide spaces.
Finally, the Children's Area equipped with games, can accommodate the youngest guests in a space

completely dedicated to them.


The Hall

Our new interior room, 60 square meters, finely restored, ready to welcome you in a unique and suggestive environment is coming. Stay tuned!

La Location: I nostri servizi
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